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President Rufus Shinra

This is just the full contents of that file from Salem.

Pictures and all.

April: Most of these are business transactions although there are a few emails that were of the personal sort. One was to a woman in Costa del Sol that had to do with some place Rufus was interested in her staying at for him. There are a few hints of sexual undertones, but its more on her side than his... or more that she was interested in being Mrs Rufus Shinra. It was during this time the deletion occured.

May: Another small deletion from the Shin-Ra database came at this time although the file removed dated years back. Specifically a file that dealt with the storage of Jenova cells and how viable they were in tiny amounts and if they would survive such. The rest is strictly business with one email sent to the woman in Costa that is asking about the condition of his property there with her reply that the bedroom is ready. There was no reply from Rufus.

June: What a boring life Rufus leads. Work, work, work. He did go through the personal files for the Turks, most notably Tseng's and Rude's for some reason. He didn't change anything or take out any information, just called them up about four nights in a row for some reason. A bill did arrive via email for construction work. The location of where this work was done is unclear although the company is based in Junon.

July: Rufus' woman in Costa del Sol is a little naggy when she writes. Seems her dreams for being Mrs Rufus Shinra are not panning out as she wanted and she's getting a little tired of being Rufus' housekeeper in an empty house. There's a wire from Rufus' personal bank account done online to a Miss Shiro Purin of Costa del Sol in the amount of roughly ten thousand gil that same night as well as a gift of a small diamond necklace sent to the same woman from one of Costa's gem shoppes. The next day's email from her is back to the bubbly, simpering sort.

August: Work, work, work. Another bill for construction comes and is paid from Rufus' personal account yet again even as he sends an apologetic one to Miss Shiro, offering her a trip home to Wutai while he has the house redone for her. She accepted and left in the middle of the month according to her communication from Wutai, scheduled to return around mid-September.

September: Another boring month. Really boring. Only highlight was a rather bitchy email at the end of the month from Miss Shiro saying that after visiting her mother, they both felt he should either be marrying her or hiring her with full benefits if all he wanted was a housekeeper. Enclosed with that email is a rather racy photo of a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Tseng.

October: Gods, Rufus is dull. Soooo much work crap and a few scathing emails he and Reeve Tuesti exchanged on the new restrictions on Mako and power guidelines. Seems those two got into quite the snarling match digitally with Rufus leaving it very clear that if Reeve kept fucking with him and trying to sink his claws into Shin-Ra that Rufus was not above making sure that Reeve was found at the bottom of the ocean if he was ever found at all. Miss Shiro sent Rufus a few more photos. In one, she's actually a blonde and dressed like Elena with gun and all. In another, she's wearing all leather with white hair, saying that she hopes that's more what Rufus wanted.

November: Wow. Miss Shiro is wearing a Turk uniform in that one with her hair pulled back and a bindi dot on her forehead. Pretty sure that black lace bras, especially showing from an unbuttoned white shirt and undone tie, aren't Turk issue though. Rufus' reply to her is asking if the floor of the first floor is still solid. What a killjoy. Evidentally, she wasn't amused and thus needs to be mollified with another gift of a diamond bracelet this time which Rufus promptly does along with a dozen roses. Meanwhile, another file has been removed from the Shin-Ra Company database, this one dealing with the effects of pure Jenova cells on humans.

December: For Christmas, Miss Shiro got a crate of the finest wines on the Planet along with a full length fur coat with a new home theatre system installed for her. She seems happy with it, sending Rufus a rather x-rated package of digital pictures that deal with candy canes, Turk uniforms, and strangely enough, that white haired wig and leather outfit again. Scary. Seems Rufus is also having some more construction done somewhere. There's actually an email or two from Nin Fireland to Rufus, the two of them chatting about business like a pair of old friends, Rufus promising to meet up with him somewhere so they can talk about their project.

January: Rufus ordered an emergency construction job somewhere, dumping a load of gil into it. Miss Shiro is bringing up her request for marriage again, using all the stealth of a anvil to the head. There's a petulant undertone to it, and she wants to know who this bitch 'Kadaj' is that Rufus was talking about. She would hate to have to go public with all this (whatever -this- is) if he doesn't start getting serious. His reply is a diamond and sapphire tiara, necklace, and earrings. There are a few emails exchanged with Reeve again, the two using some sort of strange code of musical notes that makes absolutely no sense when played. Either they're both tonedeaf or that warped music means something to them. There is another set of emails with Nin Fireland, both of them talking about things that are dull such as where are the better resturants and what they might be able to do with nanities.
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