Sephiroth (jenovas_will) wrote in ontheedgeooc,

*spams, too*

Seeing as everyone else seems to be alive and well in the OOC place, I thought it'd be good of me to let everyone know that I think the plague has passed and I'm healthy again. Which means more time to waste in front of the computer I'll be around more often.

Just tagged the remnants' thread. And I'm otherwise sitting around waiting for the one with Rufus to get updated, because I am intrigued. (And I pretend that I have no life sometimes.)

Now I'm just rambling. I'll shush now.
I was also wondering--anyone have a free character they want to squander time with? I wanna do something more interesting with Lillian (I have no idea what yet), so if anyone wants to spare a character for a scene, that'd be lovely to help me further procrastinate doing my homework, kkthx.
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