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Exam? What exam?

Because I am curious and am avoiding studying for math aljsd;ljk numbers whut? >_O;;...given that Reno is about to head over to the Dark Side Fireland and co. sometime in the near future (whiiich I'm pretty sure most of you are aware of by this point? XD), does he...know any of them? Or semi-know, like walked-past-in-the-hallway-that-one-time know?

I know he can't have known Cain for the sake of Cain's undercover plot XD, and - okay, well, he's already met Ken and evidently doesn't recognize him, and he didn't remember Tarr either when he got pwned by the guy (I don't think? I only skimmed those previous Reno logs when catching up D:), so. THAT REALLY JUST LEAVES ALEXIS. BUT STILL. I'm trying to not do my work, kthnx. DX;;;

Anyway. Yes. Just wondering if there's any history to play off here. I mean, considering the fact that most of the Draculs got rejected used to be from Shin-Ra. XD;;;
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