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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
1:07 pm
On hold?
It would appear things have stalled around here, and I'm assuming it's in part related to Kaga's absence?  Anyone heard from her?  Are things going to continue?  I know I've been scarce around these parts (the internet entirely), but I'm not ready to say goodbye to Edge.  Say it ain't so, boss. :(
Friday, May 11th, 2007
9:37 pm
This is just the full contents of that file from Salem.

Pictures and all.

The FileCollapse )
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
10:04 pm
Since we're doing the OOC thing today, here's some amusement:

I saw Doctors Rufus SoandSo and Doctor Soandso Barret talking today on a case and had to stifle laughter. For those who don't know, Doctor Rufus is part of Behavioural Health and Doctor Barret is part of Internal Medicine.

I left my James Sunderland hugging PHead plushy on Martin Landel's desk this morning. I got it back around noon with a note pinned to James that read the dolls are waiting for the attack signal.

Had three Renos today again. Two for alcoholic conditions, one for drugs.

We have a new intern named Edward Brock too. So watching him for a Venom.

We also have a male nurse named Crawford. No, his first name isn't Brad sadly enough. Speaking of nurses, we have one named Elena too although everyone just calls her 'El', and she works in Pediatrics.

EDIT: OH! I almost forgot. I met a Sephiroth today. He's a Russian Orthodox priest who comes to the hospital to see patients. Father Sephiroth.
3:54 pm
*spams, too*
Seeing as everyone else seems to be alive and well in the OOC place, I thought it'd be good of me to let everyone know that I think the plague has passed and I'm healthy again. Which means more time to waste in front of the computer I'll be around more often.

Just tagged the remnants' thread. And I'm otherwise sitting around waiting for the one with Rufus to get updated, because I am intrigued. (And I pretend that I have no life sometimes.)

Now I'm just rambling. I'll shush now.
I was also wondering--anyone have a free character they want to squander time with? I wanna do something more interesting with Lillian (I have no idea what yet), so if anyone wants to spare a character for a scene, that'd be lovely to help me further procrastinate doing my homework, kkthx.
2:44 pm

Reno-mun brought up a very good question. Since Ken'ichi was in the Academy until the very final week before his 'graduation' before he quitted. So would Tseng know who he is?

Note; I forgot to include this in his profile page, but I shall change it asap!
Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
8:06 pm
Exam? What exam?
Because I am curious and am avoiding studying for math aljsd;ljk numbers whut? >_O;;...given that Reno is about to head over to the Dark Side Fireland and co. sometime in the near future (whiiich I'm pretty sure most of you are aware of by this point? XD), does he...know any of them? Or semi-know, like walked-past-in-the-hallway-that-one-time know?

I know he can't have known Cain for the sake of Cain's undercover plot XD, and - okay, well, he's already met Ken and evidently doesn't recognize him, and he didn't remember Tarr either when he got pwned by the guy (I don't think? I only skimmed those previous Reno logs when catching up D:), so. THAT REALLY JUST LEAVES ALEXIS. BUT STILL. I'm trying to not do my work, kthnx. DX;;;

Anyway. Yes. Just wondering if there's any history to play off here. I mean, considering the fact that most of the Draculs got rejected used to be from Shin-Ra. XD;;;

Current Mood: lazy
2:23 pm
... You guys are SPAMMERS yo D<

*cough* Now that I have let that out.

Why yes, I have chibi!Ken'ichi icons. I don't know why the hell I decided to load them, but they are adorable >.>;; AND YES, TAGGING NOW. Work got in the way. Damn clients

[EDIT:] ANDDDDDDD, our new motto for this rp shall be;

8:19 am
... Sorry for holding you guys back DX

Work and rl issues got in the way, but I put them away for now.
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
10:35 pm
Okay, I'm back. XD I'll start getting caught up in my threads tomorrow, I swear. ♥

This icon amuses me and I have no idea why. XD
Friday, May 4th, 2007
9:48 am
I'm Back
Sorry I was really busy this week, but I'm back now, so no worries. Just gotta look for something for Vincent to do. xD
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
8:30 pm
This is just an OOC thing here for the thread Rufus is working up. My posts for it are going to be huge, fair warning. I need to get the setting put up as well as work with a few NPCs. You all don't have to match my size, trust me. I'm the king of overwrite.

Secondly, there will be two people from WRO, one Turk, one Dracul, and possibly someone else. If your char is going in one group, don't volunteer a second one unless we run out of chars, please. That way you're not trying to pack so much into one or two posts as well as letting others have a chance.

If your char(s) would never ever trust Rufus enough to go wherever it is he's taking them, then no worries! Don't feel you have to force your char into a situation they would never go into.

Shin-Ra : Rufus, Reno
Fireland : Nin, Kenichi
WRO: Barret, Cloud
Remnants/Sephiroth : Kadaj

I'll be posting the intro in the morning or whenever I get at least a Dracul. Kaga? You want Kenichi in there?
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
8:27 pm
As some of you know, Snow has left us. However, she turned Kenichi over to Kaga. Soooo, please add perfectionalism.
7:02 am
Thread Status
Drawings and Wine - Elena and Reno - Elena is up.

Skipping Stones - Yazoo, Kadaj, Sephiroth - Yazoo is up.

Coffee Search - Cain and Rummy - Cain is up.

Investigation - Salem and Rude - Rude is up.

Lillian and Rude - This one is done as well, I think? If not, Lillian is up.

I'd like to advance the day ASAP, so we need to get these closed up unless you all can handle two days.

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, April 26th, 2007
11:12 pm
Because I can and also because Shachou wanted to see it
This is a pseudo family tree type thing of... anyone and everyone that came into contact with Jenova cells. I think. D: IT ALL MAKES SENSE SOMEHOW. I ended up having to color code it too because some of the branches mean nothing otherwise aside from some bizarre asexual reproduction, and no one wants to think about that when tentacles are involved. OR DO THEY?

AND HERE IT IS.Collapse )

I have a life, really. And of course, if I missed something (or someone), do let me know.
Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
9:38 pm
Attn V
Since I am back and my characters have missed quite a bit of action, I'm just going to say Barret was gone over seeing some of the energy sites that are being worked on, but for Rummy I thought it'd be good for him to be looking into every file he can on Draculs, Shin-Ra, etc.  So in that time (saying that he like, holed himself away to do this), what would he have learned?
8:18 pm
I'm back!
5:10 pm
Just fyi ooc info here incase someone goes searching, Denai didn't show up for work today and his rundown apartment at The Pit is empty. Dirty and nasty, but empty of him and his stuff.
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
12:51 pm

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know I am still happy to be apart of this game, but my internet is down and still won't be able to post for awhile.  I don't know how long it'll be, I hope it won't be much longer though.

Don't miss me too much :)

Saturday, April 21st, 2007
8:22 pm
Reno, Elena, and Rufus have just booked it out of the thread, so just so there's no confusion - Tseng, Sephiroth, and Rude are free to thread with just themselves. :3

Current Mood: giddy
6:17 pm
Hey, all. Emily (Elena-mun) here, announcing that I've taken over for Yazoo. So...yay! XD;
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